Your Blender Is Your Best Friend

If you are thinking about becoming vegan or want to add more fruit and veg to your diet then purchasing a high powered blender is the way to go! I own the Optimum 9400 which i got for about $500 (including shipping) and it has to be one of my best buys. Before then we had a reasonably cheap blender that would leave lumps and broke after just a couple months use. Investing in a good quality blender will save you money down the trail and you will use it so often that it is well and truly worth the initial cost. I usually use my blender twice a day to make smoothies but good blenders are very versatile and you can use them to make nut milks, sauces, nut butters, soups, ice-cream and raw desserts. Blenders are also helpful if you don’t have a lot of time because you can make a delicious, nutritious and cheap meal in under 5 minutes. In germany, my wife, called it zitruspresse. Ok. I also suggest having a blender with a 2 litre capacity. This way you can make bulk of something and store the rest for a readily prepared meal on the go. If you live at home and can’t afford your own blender you might want to ask your parents to chip in. When I told my Mum about buying a $500 blender I think she thought that I was a bit nuts but when I explained all its functions and the warranty she actually offered to go halves with me, so you never know, your parents might want to help you out too

If you definitely can’t afford one but own a food processor then thats your next best bet. It makes the best fruit ice-cream and using it to chop your veggies saves a tonne of time. If you don’t have a blender or food processor don’t worry! They are great to have but they’re not essential. Instead of a breakfast smoothie, you could have fresh fruit, toast, scrambled tofu, etc., the possibilities are endless. If you’re wondering about which blender to buy, make sure you do your research  and are getting your money’s worth but I’d check out the Optimum, the Vitamix and the Nutribullet